If you have a Bottled water cooler the table below will give you a comparison between your current Bottled Water Cooler costs and an equivalent Cooler Sense mains-fed water cooler.
Just overwrite the existing Bottled Water Cooler figures and click "Calculate" to see your savings potential.
The default settings are typical market prices and the costs shown are all monthly.
Number of coolers  
  Existing Bottled
Cooler Sense
Monthly Costs  
Rental per machine £ £
Sanitisation/cooler Care £ £
Filter cost per machine £ £
Total machine Cost £ £
Cost per bottle of water £
Total monthly bottles used on ALL coolers
Total water cost £
Total monthly cost of coolers £ £
Other overall costs    
Bottle deposit (Each) £
Number of bottles in stock
Total deposit cost £
Installation Fee £ £
Others £ £
Total Annual Costs £ £
PLUS these other benefits:
  • No bottles
  • No heavy lifting
  • No storage problems
  • No deliveries
  • No hassle
  • No paperwork
  • ...and you can't run out!
Monthly savings per cooler £
Total monthly saving £
One-off deposit saving £
Total annual saving £

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