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The ultimate coffee machines

Get that Coffee shop taste in the office.

The Keurig K150P makes the perfect cup of your favourite real ground coffee in less than 1 minute. The features of the Keurig coffee brewing system will transform your working environment. Why drag yourself all the way down to the local coffee shop when you can have it right there in your office.

Also see Melitta & Lavazza beans to use with our Bean to Cup machines.

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We also do Brandable Coolers:

Ever thought of having your cooler Branded?

Well now it's possible!

You can improve & advertise your Corporate Image on your water coolers & drinking water boilers.

You could:

  • Have your own Company design or logo on your cooler for your offices.
  • How about branding the coolers on show to your customers?
  • How about giving your customers coolers with your branding on them?

Branded Coolers

Water coolers & drinking water boilers have side panels that can be modified to completely suit your design. Obviously the price depends on what you would like to do, but it's not much more, so Contact us if you would like to discuss branding your machine.


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The 100C

The 100c Water Boiler

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