About Water Cooler Filtration and Quality:

Water quality and filtration

The Benefits of water

Water Quality and Filtration

All Cooler Sense water coolers are fitted with in line filtration systems to give you the finest quality water available.

The filters are at the heart of good quality water, so it’s important to use the best filters. There are lots of filters on the market and none are expensive, but they vary enormously in their effectiveness, the best use a very fine filtration followed by a solid block of carbon. This is why we use the Doulton System.

How we produce clear, pure, great tasting water in water coolers.

In terms of purity and hygiene, mains water quality is generally considered to be outstanding, but from a taste point of view it is sometimes criticised.

Typically the cause of this criticism is that, unlike bottled water, mains water is mildly chlorinated to ensure any potentially harmful bacteria are removed. Unfortunately, this can result in a residual taste and odour which reduces palatability.

The secret to producing great tasting water from your water cooler is to take this high quality water then remove the residual taste and odour to leave pure, crisp, refreshing water.

Cooler Sensewater coolers are fitted with Doulton® Ceramic and Carbon Filters. These filters are substantially more effective than pour-through or granulated carbon filters in the removal of chlorine, due to their solid block carbon core technology. This produces an independently certified reduction in chlorine of over 97%, the result…great tasting water!!

The very fine ceramic outer filtration layer will also reduce sediment and is also effective against microscopic cysts such as Cryptosporidium, which, although very rare in drinking water, is not killed by chlorine. In addition, the filters are effective against E.Coli, Shigella, Salmonella, Typhia, Giardia and other pathogenic organisms.

The filters also carry independent approvals from NSF and WRAS.

We also have available for specific circumstances;

Ultracarb – lead reduction filters – these do all the Doulton Filter does, but will also help remove lead and heavy metals from the supply.

Scale inhibition filters – Contrary to popular belief it is not hardness that produces taste problems in mains drinking water, in fact many top bottled waters are harder than mains water. However these filters will inhibit scale formation if required.

Low density filters – for use on very low-pressure systems.

Water Benefits

Water is an essential part of the living process as the body is made up of about 70 – 75% water.

Why is fluid important?

Water is essential for the growth and maintenance of our bodies and an important component in the diet. The British Dietetic Association guidelines state that an average adult should consume 2.5 litres of water of which 1.8 litres (or 5 x 330 ml cans; 7 x 250 ml glasses) must be in fluid form, the remainder being obtained from foods. For children to maintain their correct water level of 60-70% body weight, they need to consume up to 2 litres of fluid every day. This intake needs to be increased during periods of hot weather or during and after periods of physical activity in order to avoid dehydration.

What are the effects of dehydration?

Dehydration is caused by consuming too little fluid and can cause symptoms such as headaches, tiredness and loss of concentration.

Adults eliminate around 2.5 litres of water per day, through urine, perspiration and respiration. In children this varies greatly according to the outside temperature, age and activity level of the child, as well as other factors. Children do not instinctively drink enough to replenish the fluids lost during prolonged activity or play periods and evidence has shown that they consequently become dehydrated. Research has shown that children are more likely to drink sufficient to replace lost fluids and maintain hydration during activity when presented with flavoured beverages.

  • Blood is 92% water
  • Bones are 22% water
  • Muscles are 75% water
  • Helps absorb nutrients
  • The brain is 75% water – moderate dehydration can cause headaches and dizziness
  • Water is required for perspiration
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Carries nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body
  • Helps with conversion of food into energy
  • Cushions joints
  • Protects and cushions vital organs
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