Water cooler servicing

Cooler Sense operates an Obligatory Servicing policy meaning 100% of our rented coolers automatically receive this service. In the case of sold machines, we will not sell them unless a service agreement is entered into.

Our reasoning for this is straightforward; our name is on the water cooler and we wish to ensure that the water cooler remains hygienic and our customers can have absolute peace of mind that it is properly maintained, serviced and perfect for staff to use.

Servicing takes place 4 monthly on mains - fed water coolers rather than the six-month suggested EPDWA / BWCA minimum. This consists of the sterilisation of all water contact surfaces and at the same time the filter elements are replaced. If we fail to service your machine, within the given time frame, we will give you the money back for that service through our Money Back Guarantee.

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