Other Products Clear Plastic cups 0.2 litre (7oz) box 1000

Clear Plastic Cup (200ml )

Clear Plastic cups 0.2 litre (7oz) box 1000

Buy clear plastic cups for water coolers. These flat bottomed plastic cups are ideal for almost any water cooler. In clear polystyrene hold up to 200ml of chilled water. Easily disposable with your normal recycling. Each pack of water cooler cups contains 1000 cups.

Product Details

Special Features: Hold 200ml of water approx (7 Fluid ounces)
Recycling code (PS5)
Quantity per pack: 1000
We sell these clear plastic polystyrene cups for water coolers and chilled water dispensers in packs of 1000. Each water cooler cup hold up to 200ml of water. These cups for water coolers can be disposed of in your normal recycling and are ideal for almost any watercooler. Ordering your water cooler cups is easy and you don't need to be an existing customer. Just pop a pack of 1000 water cooler cups in your basket and checkout.
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