Water cooler Filters and Hot water dispenser filters

To get top quality water you need top quality water filters!
Details of water filters we fit are shown below. Click Here for more information on water & filters 
Cooler Sense is pleased to be working with Doulton to enhance our product offering and to supply the very best water cooler filters and hot water dispenser filters.

The choice of filters is predominately about 3 functions they perform.

1. The removal of sediment and organisms (the smaller the holes in the filter, the better the removal)
2. The removal of Chlorine. Chlorine is added to the water supply to kill bacteria. It is chlorine that is the cause of almost all taste complaints.
3. The control or removal of "hardness". Hardness (Scale) is the result of dissolved calcium in the water. Generally considered healthy since it supplements the Calcium in our diets building strong teeth & bones. The resultant scale deposits can reduce the efficiency of items like kettles and boilers & is unsightly. Contrary to popular belief, it is chlorine not scale that causes taste issues.

Our Filter Options are as follows: If you have further questions or are interested in other filters - Contact Us
Doulton® Supercarb. This is our most popular filter. It has a fine ceramic outer layer then a solid block of carbon, which results in very fine sediment filtration & a virtual elimination of chlorine.

Doulton® Ultracarb. This is the Supercarb filter with the addition of media to remove lead.

Scale Inhibition Filter. This filter contains granulated carbon for chlorine removal and poly phosphate to help prevent scale forming on metal surfaces.

Resin Scale Removal Filters. Removes scale forming minerals preventing scale build-up.

Low Pressure Filter.
A simplegranulated carbon filter with minimumresistance, allowing use where pressure is low.

All prices shown exclude VAT which is charged at the prevailing rate.
Doulton Supercarb and Dulton Ultracarb are our most popular water cooler filter which gives very fine sediment filtration and removes virtual all chlorine. The ultracarb water cooler filter includes media which can remove lead.
We also supply Scale Inhibition Filter. This water cooler filter contains granulated carbon tha can remove both chlorine removal and poly phosphate which prevents scale forming in your hot water dispenser.
We also supply simple granulated carbon water cooler filters and hot water dispenser filters with minimum resistance which are suitable for use where water pressure is low.
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