Water Cooler - Quick Selector

A Water cooler will give you around 5 cups of filtered hot water in one go & then will need a little time to reheat. If you have a high demand for hot water in one go, then you may want to consider a Drinking Water Boiler instead of, or in addition to, your water cooler.

The only water cooler choices you have to make are:
1. How many people will be using the water cooler at any one-time?
2. Whether you require a cold & ambient or a hot & cold water cooler?
3. Do you want Floor Standing or Table Top?

Less than 10 11 to 20 More than 20 Cold & Ambient Hot & Cold Floor Standing Table Top
Compact (H&C)
Classic Plus




The above figures are based on number of people using the water cooler at any one time.

*The Direct is also available in Cold & Sparkling

Bottled water coolers:

Although a mains fed water cooler would normally prove to be the most cost effective choice. In some circumstances a bottled water cooler may be more appropriate for your needs. This usually occurs where either, your usage is very low (less than a bottle a week) and so the cost of bottles is not prohibitive, or where it simply proves impractical to provide a plumbed water supply to the location where you require the water cooler.

Cooler Sense can also supply Bottled Watercoolers and the CLASSIC Bottled cooler can be found in the Cooler Range section. We supply high quality English Spring water in 15 litre bottles with no deposits.
Bottled Coolers require a more frequent sanitisation service to maintain good hygiene and this service is carried out 3 monthly.
Prices and frequency of delivery can vary with your location and requirements, so for full details please call us on 01449 723200 or e-mail our Sales dept. through the contact us option.