Q. How can a drinking water boiler save you money?

A. You no longer have to wait for your kettle to boil

Your Company could save £5,000 or even more per year...


How much you drink
Your costs waiting for your kettle to boil
Boiler Sense*
Potential Savings
10 staff, 40 mugs a day
£7.50/week £16.55/week
10 staff, 40 mugs a day
£390.00/year £860.60/year
20 staff, 80 mugs a day
£390.00/year £2,111.20/year
30 staff, 120 mugs a day
£390.00/year £3,361.80/year
40 staff, 160 mugs a day
£390.00/year £4,612.40/year
*Average costs per boiler, costs can vary according to individual circumstances.

If you have 10 staff, you are paying wages of £4.81 per day or £1,250 per year, while one of your people waits for the kettle to boil.
(See bottom of page for calculations)

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With more staff, you are paying even more!

£4.81 x 5 days = £24.05 per week

£24.05 x 52 weeks = £1250.60 per year

20 staff, 80 mugs a day = £2501.20 per year

30 staff, 120 mugs a day = £3751.80 per year

40 staff, 160 mugs a day = £5002.40 per year

And so on . . .

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An average 3kW kettle takes 4 minutes to boil and if all the water in each kettle is actually used, it will produce 5 decent mugs of hot water.

If you have 10 staff that each have 4 hot drinks per day that’s 40 mugs so, the kettle will be boiled a minimum of 8 times. It will probably actually be boiled more often as no-one ever empties it entirely each time they use it

So, assuming they do actually use all the water every time, the kettle is boiled 8 times a day…

8 x 4 minutes = 32 minutes or half an hour

If the person, or the people who make the hot drinks are on a salary of £20,000/pa and they work a 40 hour week, their hourly wage is £9.62 per hour or £4.81 per half hour.

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