About Cooler Sense Drinking Water Boilers:

Wouldn't it be great if you had a machine that just gave you instant boiling water without all that hanging around waiting for the kettle to boil.

Wouldn't it be great if your drinking water boiler actually worked and wasn't scaled up and there was someone who came along and serviced it and kept it working properly, all of the time.

. . . well now there is!

You can find out all you need to know about Cooler Sense drinking water boilers here in Ipswich, Suffolk. You can look at each water boiler in detail or you can use our "Boiler Selector" to pick the drinking water boiler most appropriate for you. 

Drinking Water Boiler Range

If you would like a "Free Trial" click here. Don't worry if you pick the wrong drinking water boiler, we can always swap it for another one at no cost to you.

Cooler Sense Drinking Water Boilers are connected to your mains water supply:

A Cooler Sense auto-fill drinking water boiler will give you:
  • Almost unlimited, instant, boiling water, so no more standing around waiting for that kettle to boil.
  • No need for kettles hidden away next to desks, so it helps you stay health and safety compliant
  • Filtered for great taste and scale
  • We service, replace filters and de-scale to ensure your hot drinks machine stays in perfect order.
  • Cooler Sense auto-fill drinking water boilers have built-in early warning diagnostics, which means that if something starts to go wrong, the boiler will carry on working whilst an engineer is on his way.
The only drinking water boiler choices you have to make are:
(To help, 1 litre is about 4 1/2 mugs or 6 cups)
Step 1: Decide how many hot cups you need?

How much water do you need at the Boiler's busiest time? If you need less than 5 mugs it may be better to have a Hot 'n' Cold water cooler. The table below will show capacities in litres and in mugs (not cups). You will need a drinking water boiler that will produce enough, but also pay attention to the re-heat time (they re-heat a mug in under 20 seconds).

Step 2: Do you want Wall Mounted or Counter Top?

Wall mounted takes less space in the kitchen and are fitted above the sink draining board
Counter tops take more counter space.
It really depends on the layout of your kitchen!

Step 3: Stainless steel or white durable plastic casing?

Wall mounted versions come in either finish. Stainless steel are slightly higher cost and are good for tougher environments, but also look great in 'modern' kitchens. Plastic still looks good, but are a slightly lower cost.

or go to our Quick BoilerSelector

If you have any doubts then please contact us and we'll help.

And finally, don't worry if you get your selection slightly wrong, we will always come and swap the machine for the right one!

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